Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My decision

Hello all. I know many that might read this already heard about my decision, as an author, to take some time off. And while I did explain myself, I thought I would take the opportunity to explain myself a wee bit better.

While I'm no stranger to rejections, I had received a couple and one came from an editor who gave me some pointers as to what to look for in my revisions. These were things I had never thought about before. So, I found me a beta reader(thanks Karenna) and went about to revise ALL my novels. Boy, have they ever needed, and that's just from what I can see, and I'm not that grammatically inclined. So...here we go! With my beta's help, I'm going to tweak, delete, edit, and revamp my ms until it shines. Now, due to my lack of discipline, and lack of time, this will take a while, probably up to a year. In the meantime, I'm going to be all over the groups, blogging, posting excerpts, all in all introducing the cyberworld to me, Amethyst Winters, writer extrodinaire(go ahead, laugh). I'm going to be asking for opinions on these excerpts, and such.

I'm also going to be revamping my blog. I'm going to blog weekly with a monthly author interview. These interviews will be catered with questions to each author's life and writing style. Prizes will be awarded every other month.

My over all goal is to introduce you to me now, so that when my first(or third, but who's counting) book is released, you'll know me and know if you like my work, so you'll hopefully want to go out and buy it.

Hope you all will read my blog frequently. I'm looking forward to a successful year.