Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three ways

Many of us fantasize about them. Some of us might have even tried to have one, and as writers of erotica, some of us have written about them, but have any of us given any thought to whether or not it is actually possible to have a polygamous relationship?
Personally, I used to think so, or used to think it was worth trying, but the reality is far from the fantasy.
In reality, there are three sets of families, friends, and three jobs to contend with. Can you imagine? The headaches from imagining aren't even worth it. Also, there is the jealousy factor. A jealous man may sound good on paper, but in real life, he's a pain in the butt. And God(s) help the man in the fmf for there is a very good reason why the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is so popular.
Not to mention, it would just be a lot of work. Some of us have trouble pleasing our one s/o. (Case in point, myself)
But, it's fun to read and dream about it, which is where polygamous relationships belong I suppose. In books, where anything and everything is possible.