Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Series Writing

Today I'm discussing series writing. It's a question I'm sure has been discussed in many loops, so I decided to blog about it. My question for everyone is do you write series or are you a single title only, and why.

For me, I'm a series writer. I think out of all my manuscripts, I have only one or two that are single titles. All the rest are series. My problem is the brothers and sister and best friends that deserve their day in the limelight as well. I have even written a book, where I wanted to take the audience back in time to tell the story of a couple truly in love.

So, what, for you, is the fascination in writing the series? Have you ever written a series that ended up longer than you anticipated? Or perhaps you are a single title person, why?

Everyone has their own writing niche. What's yours? This inquiring mind wants to know.


Jo Ramsey said...

In romance, I don't seem able to do a series to save my life. I've told one of my publishers I'm going to try to do a series from one of my current releases, but I haven't formally committed to anything yet because I don't know whether the characters will cooperate.

In YA urban fantasy, I haven't managed NOT to write a series. One of my novels, which has just been contracted, was supposed to be a standalone. Instead, it became book 1 of a 30-book series. (Which answers your question about whether a series has ever become longer than I expected...)

erotiwriter said...

OMG Karenna, that's funny! With romance mine always seem to, now my romantic suspense novel, that's different. lol