Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I get it!

OMG! Have you ever had one of those moments? Maybe it's not even in writing. Maybe you're one of the few who are good at writing, but you "got" something else. Well, for me, I finally saw the my writing, lol

When a publisher/editor friend suggested more scenery, I knew what she was talking about, but I just didn't sink in all the way. It was more a book sense of it, the practical application of it was lost though. Then one day(today), for whatever reason, it hit me. Okay, I getcha now. Yeah. I understand. A light bulb literally lit up in my brain. It was like, ding! This is one BIG thing all my writing has been missing.

You see, up until today, I've been writing one dimensional characters. So hollow and shallow. Stick figures at best. Some days I would tinker close to two dimensional, but they never reached the full three dimensional aspect. (Is there a fourth dimension, I don't know, lol) But I was blow away that I got it. You see, I'm smart, I truly am, but I learn things at a slower rate than most, and it takes me a while for things to sink in. (i.e. It was told to me about four months ago about the whole scenery thing)

So, what does this mean for me as far as publishing goes? Oy! A whole bunch of revisions. Long time coming, but my future writings shall be a bit more on the mark and won't need quite as much revising. Yay! I love learning things!



Faith said...

LOL, those light bulbs or epiphanies are awesome.

Z.A. Maxfield said...

Writing is a process isn't it? I mean, no one ever says, well...I've learned everything about writing that I'm going to learn. The cool thing is that each epiphany will probably lead to more epiphanies and if you want, it's a lifetime of learning and striving. We're all on the same road, each one of us has so much to learn!

Congrats! I'll be looking forward to the results!

Janice said...

That's great, Ame.

I'm a slow learner too and I love those light bulb moments.

Here's to all us slow but steady learners--may we all get that light bulb a little bit sooner than the last one.


erotiwriter said...

Faith, aren't they just? Only mine come long after everyone elses, lol

erotiwriter said...

ZAM, totally, and when we stop learning, we stop growing. I think it's important to continue to learn and grow.

And thanks, I hope to show you soon. lol

erotiwriter said...

Janice, love that last comment! Awesomeness hon!

Janice said...

I just awarded you an award on my main blog.


Keta Diablo said...

Hello Amethyst, this is totally off your blog topic (although I enjoyed it.) Don't know how to reach you by email. I'm asking about all the porn posts on your yahoo group? Has it been hacked? I don't know much about yahoo groups but when I see all these posts that aren't from readers/writers/bloggers, it makes me shy away from joining in on commentary. What's up with these posts? Is there no way to block them? Thanks so much - not placing blame with you, but I see this so much on author/writing yahoo groups these days; it's very discouraging. Can you explain by emailing me? Thanks, hon,